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TECNO2 is an Italian company which was established in 1990 with one, simple objective: to bring all the quality, high-performance parts available for competition and fast road cars - under one roof.

Initially the company concentrated on its home market, a daunting task in itself since Italy is home to the likes of Lancia! So in competition terms you are talking about the manufacturer who went on to win six consecutive world rally championships; that breeds a very demanding user base. And of course Italy is home to some of the most famous Super Cars and Sports Car manufacturers in the world - many of whom would come to rely on assistance from TECNO2.

TECNO2 are particularly proud of their involvement in the development of prototype vehicles. The design houses of Italy are renown for creating stylish new concept cars, an area where TECNO2's technical and sourcing expertise can be brought to bear. The latest project saw Tecno2 working in conjunction with the Italian design house "Ital design" on the suspension system of the Toyota Concept Car debuted at the Geneva Motorshow in March.

Another example would be in the development of racing and rally cars, where instant readout instrumentation and digital analysis equipment have helped countless major teams to success, leading to an impressive role-call of clientele.

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Progressive growth and domination within their home market has lead TECNO2 to spread its wings across the Continent. However in addition to satisfying the needs of Italian car fanatics wherever they exist, TECNO2 are using their wealth of experience within the race and rally world to help competitors of all motorsport categories.

If you would like more information about TECNO2 products or if you feel that your organisation can benefit from stocking TECNO2's range of competition and performance parts, Please click here to contact Walkers Garage Motorsport - UK Distributors for TECNO2 Performance Products.

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Lancia Delta parts at Walkers Garage Online StoreWalkers are very pleased to announce the arrival of our On-line shop.

Mundane service items as well as exciting competition & tuning parts are easily to be found. Simply click above and then choose the heading for Engine, Brakes, accessories etc where you will find not only specific Lancia Delta parts but a range of general items for competition purposes. If you can't find what you want use the " Search " facility or click the enquiry link where we will respond quickly to you.

Walkers Radiators are manufactured in-house at Northallerton UK to the highest specification available.

We can supply a range of off-the-shelf coolers to fit Ford, Fiat, Lancia, Peugeot, MG, Mitsubishi, Subaru and many more performance and competition applications. We also manufacture be-spoke and one-off radiators, intercoolers, tanks etc., either to a pattern or to a drawing.

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